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Yoram Rosner
Yoram is one of the most experienced product innovators and Product Experience architects in Israel. He analyzed and created products and user experiences for numerous companies, both Israeli and American.
Ori Kook
Ori brings over two decades of experience in R&D, product management and UX design. His strong technological background (BSc. in Computer Science) serves him well in transforming creative ideas into concrete reality.
Lee Feinholtz
In addition to her responsibilities as Product Experience Architect, Lee is also 5IVE's Operations Manager. As well as taking an active part in projects, she oversees team activity coordination, business processes, HR and recruitment. She holds a BA in Design and a MA in Communication.
Carmel Shavitt
Carmel is passionate about devising new ways for people to work and create digitally. She's experienced in user research, workflow optimization and adaptation of interfaces to actual user needs. Careml holds a BA in Psychology and Management with honors, and is currently completing her MA in Human-Computer Interaction
Ronen Cooper
Ronen’s background in both Product and R&D is essential to his proficiency in creating great Product Experience. Employing his sharp analytical skills and his understanding of how humans behave – he orchestrates simple solutions to complex problems. Ronen holds a BSc. in Computer Engineering from the Hebrew University.
Eitan Har Oz
Eitan is a Product Experience Architect with strong PM background and exceptional analytical skills. While working in tandem with all teams involved, he crafts simple yet effective experiences to complex systems.
Ruth Yoel
Ruth is an experienced UI designer who created professional design solutions for many clients and participated in a wide array of various local and international projects.
Helen Wix
Helen is an experienced multidisciplinary UI designer with over 20 years in the user interface ​ field. She excels in designing intuitive and delightful user interfaces to digital products of all kinds, from mobile to desktop. Helen teaches Advanced UI courses at HIT.
Amit Daliot
Amit has over 20 years of experience in high-tech companies (in Israel and North America). He designs products’ user experience from start to end: from users research, business goals and strategies, through concept, detailed user interface design, usability testing as well as visual design (UI) guidance. Amit holds a BSc from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.
Shera Liebermann
Shera is a Product Designer with over 10 years of experience. She loves creating visual concepts that inspire, inform, and captivate consumers. Combining art & technology to communicate ideas.
Knaan Shabtay
Knaan is a Product Designer passionate about creating slick and easy-to-use interfaces for complex problems. He loves to collaborate and explore the ever changing field of product and design.
Vadim Sigalov
Vadim is a seasoned professional with multidisciplinary experience in UX, product management and product strategy. Prior to 5IVE, he held positions in SanDisk and Adaptec (CA, USA). Vadim holds an MBA in marketing from UCLA.

It's all about the people

The quality of our people is the cornerstone of our ability to serve our clients. We invest great effort in identifying exceptional people, and developing their knowledge and skills.

Creating success stories since 1997

We operate within the unified domain of Product and UX, and design overarching solutions, from Product to Experience.

Working together with our clients, we create innovative, friendly and beautiful solutions.

Our specialty is analyzing and deeply understanding complex products, so that we can cast them into clear and meaningful interactions.


Years of experience





Our Values

Commitment to excelence

The passion for excellence runs deep in our veins. We are perpetually striving to be better, to optimize people’s experiences as they use and enjoy digital products. In fact, the quest for excellence is the power that drives us.

clients are our partners

Companies we work with are our partners - we become an integral part of their team, participate in stratgic discussions, and strive for the best end result for their service or product

Fun is an absolute must

We love what we do and feel grateful for the team that we have gathered. This allows us to enjoy every new day and transfer these good emotions and vibes to our clients and partners.

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