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Even lethal military drones need lively experience

Uvision manufactures lethal loitering drones that are operated in combat, even under fire.


Our foolproof robust user experience lets drone operators fly their drones securely, faultlessly and effectively.


Research, User workflow analysis, UX Architecture, UX design, UI design


Military | Drones | Tablet


Uvision developed a tactical drone operated by infantry soldiers. Our challenge was to design a tablet based interface that would be easily operated by infantry soldiers - even under fire.


We conceived a first-of-its-kind touch interface that, at any point in time, offered just the right amount of information & controls. The interface was flawlessly operated by the gloved hands of adrenaline pumped soldiers.


Imagine a soldier in the battlefield, shots hit nearby, shells explode - and he’s got to fly a drone! In this harsh environment everything becomes a factor: The exact position of his fingers, how the tablet is secured to his battle vest, which is his free hand…


No room for fancy-schmancy stuff! Everything’s designed for efficiency and effectiveness.

Passes NATO Navy Trial with Flying Colors!

The resultant HERO-30 is the jewel in the crown of Uvision’s line of lethal drones, and makes Uvision a serious contender for the US LMAMS program.